• Weekly Thursday Morning Ride

    Come ride with us every Thursday morning. We roll promptly from CBS at 7:30 am. The pace will be around 17 mph average, controlled by CBS staff, and we ride for about 1.5 – 2 hours. Everyone is welcome, and we have a “everyone stays together” policy.

    • Posted: January 06, 2014
  • Weekly Saturday Group Ride

    Rides depart from the shop at 10 am sharp. Each ride will be led by a CBS Ambassador on a predetermined route at a controlled pace between 15 to 20 mph depending on terrain. Everyone is welcome to the ride; rides will vary in speed and will re-group at the tops of hills only. Drop us of a note at if you have questions about your riding pace and the pace of this ride.

    4/5– NW Hills (Queen Anne, Magnolia, Blue Ridge)
    CBS Ambassador – Derek Blagg
    Ride Duration – 2.5 hrs, 3o miles
    Ride Notes – Hilly

    4/12 – Lincoln Park (West Seattle)
    CBS Ambassador – John Herzog
    Ride Duration – 2.5 hours, 40 miles
    Ride Notes – One of the best rides in Seattle City limits.

    4/19 – Edmonds Loop
    CBS Ambassador – Don Wright
    Ride Duration – 2.5 hours, 35 miles
    Ride Notes – Scenic, casual ride.

    4/26 – Seward Park Loop
    CBS Ambassador – Katie Blincoe
    Ride Duration – 2.5 hrs, 30 miles

    5/3 – Cougar Mountain Climbs
    CBS Ambassador – Derek Blagg
    Ride Duration – 3.5 hrs, 50 miles
    Ride Notes – Hilly

    5/10 – Des Moines – Three Tree Point Loop
    CBS Ambassador – John Herzog
    Ride Duration – 4 hours, 60 miles
    Ride Notes – Small hills but a bunch of them. Hidden gem of a ride.

    5/17 – Mercer Island
    CBS Ambassador – Katie Blincoe
    Ride Duration – 2.5 hrs, 30 miles
    Ride Notes – Great ride to come learn and improve your riding in a paceline.

    5/24 – Redmond – Lake Sammamish Loop
    CBS Ambassador – Joe Williams
    Ride Duration – 4.5 hrs
    Ride Notes – Might see a little gravel if you all agree to ride it.

    5/31 – South End of Lake Washington
    CBS Ambassador – Don Wright
    Ride Duration – 3 hours, 40 miles
    Ride Notes – Scenic, casual ride.
    Ride Notes – Seattle standard.

    • Posted: January 05, 2014
  • Women’s Saturday Group Rides

    Thanks to our friends: Anne Paper, Tracy Erbeck, Mindy St. Onge, and Anne Marie Kessler we are now offering a Women’s Saturday Group Ride in May, June and July. These women are all experience riders, super friendly and supportive. These rides will be part fitness, part social, and part instructional with the goal of building a community of women who enjoy riding together.

    The ride calendar will culminate with a 100 km ride from the shop on July 20th with participation in the Rapha Women’s 100. Rapha has set a goal of having 100,000 women around the world ride 100 km on July 20th. Full details on Rapha Women’s 100 are listed here. Details on the Rapha Women’s 100 hosted by CBS are listed here.

    Rides will leave the shop at 10:15 AM. Pace will meet the need of the group the best way possible, ride will stay together and be led from start to finish over the day’s route.

    Ride Calendar
    5/3 – Ride Leader: Tracy Erbeck, Distance: 25 miles
    5/10 – Ride Leader: Anne Paper, Distance: 25 miles
    5/17 – Ride Leader: Anne Paper, Distance: 30 miles
    5/24 – Ride Leader: Mindy St. Onge, Distance: 30 miles
    5/31 – Ride Leader: TBD, Distance: 35 miles
    6/7 – Ride Leader: Tracy Erbeck, Distance: 35 miles
    6/14 – Ride Leader: Anne Paper, Distance: 40 miles
    6/21 – Ride Leader: Mindy St. Onge, Distance: 40 miles
    6/28 – Rider Leader: Anne Marie Kessler, Distance: 45 miles
    7/5 – Ride Leader: Anne Paper, Distance: 50 miles
    7/12 – Ride Leader: Anne Paper, Distance: 55 miles

    • Posted: January 04, 2014
  • April 27: Leige-Bastogne-Leige Day

    Come join us Sunday, April 27th to celebrate the 100th edition of Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Raced over the hilly roads of the Ardennes region of Belgium, Liege-Bastogne-Liege is often referred to as La Doyenne (the oldest classic). This race is the climbers’ spring classic as the race is very selective, travelling over eleven abusive climbs. The 11% grade, CĂ´te de Saint-Nicolas, often makes the final selection of the race just 6 kms from the finish.

    We’ll begin the day from Cascade Bicycle Studio at 9:00 am with a Brevet-style ride sending you out to find six to eight of Seattle’s steeper and classic climbs. We’ll end the ride back at the shop and gather to watch same-day coverage of Liege-Bastonge-Liege with coffee and waffles.

    Full details on this event listed here.

    • Posted: March 09, 2013
  • May 17: Seven Cycles Owner Appreciation Day

    On Saturday, May 17th, we invite all Seven owners’s to stop by the shop for the following “Thank You’s” in appreciation of your Seven purchase from us:

    • Free handle bar tape and wrap
    • Free fit check to insure your Seven is set up to original fit specifications
    • Seven swag giveaway
    • Cake, coffee and other refreshments.

    All Seven owners who stop by the shop on May 17th will be entered into a drawing for a free Professional Bicycle Overhaul ($250 value).

    Saturday Store Hours on May 17th will be 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

    • Posted: March 08, 2013
  • July 5-27: Tenth of the Tour

    THE CONCEPT – We have all asked ourselves, “Could I ride the Tour de France?” Not race it, but ride the distance and survive the continuous day-after-day stages for three weeks. For most, the constraints of life don’t allow the pursuit but from July 5th to 27th we challenge/encourage you to ride a tenth of the Tour with us.

    Excuse our convoluted math but here is how it will work -If the given stage is 200 km long, come ride 20 miles that day with us. Get out there and get a “Tenth of The Tour” for all three weeks.

    Full details on participating to be posted.

    • Posted: March 07, 2013
  • July 20: Rapha Women’s 100 – Seattle

    Join Cascade Bicycle Studio on the 22nd July to ride 100km as part of the Rapha Women’s 100. We will have three different paced groups led by experience riders. Come join this global effort to get  thousands of women around the world to ride 100km on the 22nd July. We will offer three different paced groups to ride with: “Up Tempo”,  ”Steady as She Goes” and “As Casual As It Gets”.  Arrive early for coffee before departure and stay after for food and refreshments.

    More information here →

    Meet Up: Cascade Bicycle Studio, 180 N Canal Street, Seattle, WA 98105

    Start Time: 10:15 am

    Route: Around Lake Washington

    Fee: Free

    Facebook Event:

    • Posted: March 03, 2013