Cascade Bicycle Studio

Located in the scenic Fremont neighborhood of Seattle WA. We specialize in designing, building, and maintaining bicycles.

We look forward to sharing many miles to come.

Tailored solutions to enhance your cycling journey.

With our extensive background in riding, technical knowledge, fitting expertise, and consultation skills, we work tirelessly to understand the unique needs and desires of each rider.


Bike Fitting

We make sure that your bike fit is optimized for you regardless of the type of riding you do. We offer a variety of bicycle fitting services to ensure your current bicycle is optimized for you.

Bike Fitting

We focus on fitting the bicycle to the rider, not the rider to a bike. We aim to find your most biomechanically efficient position with your riding style and cycling goals in mind. Let’s see your full potential!

Some of our favorite routes

While having the appropriate bike, well-fitting gear, and quality apparel is crucial for an exceptional cycling experience, nothing compares to exploring the right routes.