It’s safe to say we’ve conducted more bicycle fittings than any other individual in the state of Washington. But enough about us: A bicycle fitting is about you-the-rider. Perhaps you own a new bicycle, but would like it to ride with more comfort, power, and efficiency. We offer a variety of bicycle fitting services to ensure your current bicycle is optimized for you.

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$500 / plus tax

The focus of this fitting session is to position you-the-rider on your current bike so the three areas of contact – hands, feet, and saddle- provide the most amount of comfort, power, and efficiency. This fitting includes positioning of your cleats, and follows this format:

  • Collect Body Data
  • Discuss and Review challenges to current fit

  • Propose solutions to improved fit
  • Discuss componentry required and cost

(Parts and part installation labor not included in prices above.)

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A note on fits performed by other retailers: Every so often we’ll hear from clients who want to re-do a fitting performed by another bicycle retailer. We have a high amount of respect for all retailers performing bicycle fits. In the event that we change your position, please note that we are providing you with our very best recommendation; we are not necessarily commenting on your last fit. If a component needs to be changed, we will not ask for the previous retailer to pay for the service we provide, nor the components that may be required to positioning you to our recommendation. If there is any dissatisfaction with your previous fit, please take up compensation questions with your previous retailer before seeing us.

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