Kempton’s Fifty-One 50

This bike is the realization of Kempton longtime dream.

“When I was 13, Van Halen’s music exploded out of the speakers. The vibrant energy hooked me, compelling me to BE that. To play and personify that music.

“At the time, I wasn’t quite certain what I was attracted to. The compelling factor wasn’t exactly clear. Probably something about the fame and the fortune, or maybe it was Eddie’s virtuosity. 

“Later though, the magic crystalized. The key thing was Eddie’s freedom to be joyful. To look at any photo of him on stage is to see pure joy, like sunshine bursting through the clouds! That’s what music can do for all of us: lift us up to a different place. 

“I never got the fame, fortune, or the virtuosity, but I did get that joyous feeling that being on stage gives you. Pure freedom.

“This bike is my way of saying thank you to Edward Van Halen for all of the joy he brought to the world and to me.

“Working with the Fifty-One team has been breathtaking. They aren’t personally familiar with Van Halen, and yet are skilled enough to listen carefully to my vision and create this vibrant machine. It’s far better than I imagined it could be.”

Frame: Fifty-one Assassin

Drivetrain: Mullet with Force levers and 1x crank paired with XX rear derailleur and 10-50 cassette

Cockpit: Custom painted Enve stem, bar and seatpost. Notice how the stripes carry over from one piece to the next.

Wheels: Princeton carbonworks Peak 4550

Tires: IRC Double Bokencross 38c

Weight as shown: 20.2 lbs (9.16 kg)