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Obermayer EVO

To keep up with the top field, you need material that provides you with precision, performance and safety. Thanks to a unique stiffness to weight ratio, OBERMAYER EVO transforms every step of yours into maximum propulsion without any loss of energy. And with only 1.230 grams total weight, it is one of the lightest disc wheel sets available. OBERMAYER EVO is Lightweight’s ultimate performance disc wheel and is suitable for (mountainous) roads, training and competition.

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Meilenstein Obermayer

Are you looking for the perfect wheel to further optimize your performance? With the MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER you save 170 grams per set compared to the MEILENSTEIN. This is only possible thanks to a completely new structure of the carbon layers. Thus the use of carbon fibres and resin could be further optimised. The wheel for the ambitious racing cyclist offers even less inertial mass, even more high-tech and thus an agility in a completely new dimension. With the lightest lightweight wheelset you are perfectly equipped for mountainous terrain.

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Pfadfinder EVO

In order to maintain control on gravel, you need a bike that supports you with every move. That’s exactly what Lightweight developed PFADFINDER EVO for, the new disc gravel bike made from full carbon. The extended tire width of up to 40 mm, combined with an optimised layup, not only makes for increased precision but also significantly improves riding comfort. Thanks to the Pentagon hub and the associated braking precision, even longer descents will be significantly more comfortable and power saving. Of course, PFADFINDER EVO is compatible with current groupsets and enables changes to various axle systems without tools, thanks to the DT-Swiss hub.

Our wheels are made of full carbon and not so-called hybrid models. This means that the spokes are also made of carbon, thus creating a wheel from a single mould. The wheel hardly twists at all, the Lightweight full carbon wheels bring performance to the point and ensure efficient power transmission without losses. Feel the indescribable riding feeling and how your power is burned into the asphalt.