Made.Bike Ira Ryan

For many years, Joseph has lusted after Ira’s creations. This year, two factors have aligned to enable this collaborative project. Ira has started working independently again, after co-founding Breadwinner, and Joseph has just taken over Cascade Bicycle Studio.

The concept is: Bike Shop Owner’s Daily Ride.

The frame is inspired by grand tour bikes: big tires, rim brakes. Looks like a resto-mod, in the spirit of the 80s road bikes with modern running gear. The configuration enables rides around town, or unsupported trips to the olympic peninsula.

Réne Herse partnered to enable the frame and key components.
Brakes are direct-mount rim brakes from Réne Herse, a revitalization of the classic Mafac design ( definitive racing brake during the 50s and 60s).

Wheels are lightweight alloy models from Rolf Prima.

The dynamo is paired with a Sun headlight (the Réne Herse version, made especially for mounting to the Réne Herse front rack).

Fenders are by Réne Herse.

Tires are René Herse 35c Bon Jon Pass slicks.

Front bag is a prototype lightweight Berthoud Handlebar Bag, Smooth Side model. It’s 300-odd grams lighter than stock. Further weight reduction can be achieved by removing the modular internal structure.  In the PNW, a bag is very useful in the real world for most of the year. Saddle bags aren’t as practical. As a shop owner, Joseph knows that the tools he enjoys using aren’t always ultralight. He enjoys conveniences like platform pedal conversions to ride in street shoes. And a jacket. And a scarf.

The groupset is ultralight: Sram Red wireless, paired with Réne Herse titanium-spindle sub-compact crank. Carbon cockpit and seatpost.

Bearings are ridiculous. Ceramic Speed all around, and oversize pulleywheels. Joseph is a mechanic, so he enjoys giving his daily ride constant affection. He enjoys that it needs constant love. Electronic drivetrains remove an opportunity for this. The bearings are chosen to enable and reward religious maintenance.

This bike is unpainted for the Made.Bike show. Stay tuned for a new photoset when the livery has been designed and applied.