Over the last five years, few bike companies have done more to distinguish themselves from the pack than Mosaic.

Aaron Barcheck and his crew have shown a voracious creativity, building bomb-proof, titanium bikes, across categories, with a fine eye for aesthetic appeal.

All Titanium, All The Time

We love the subtle elegance of a brushed titanium frame, and Mosaic executes that flawlessly. They also have their own paint works, turning out bold designs that have won awards at the North American Handmade Bike Show. What we love about Mosaic is the total package, presentation, design, and execution.

Your Ideas AND Theirs

Mosaic does a great job of taking in rider ideas during the design phase, but they are equally adept at turning out something unique from their own imagination. It makes working with them fun for the most experienced riders as well as those embarking on their first custom project.