PNS Mesh Jersey

Special Collections

The Midsummer collection is a celebration of the northern hemisphere’s summer solstice. A season for long rides. Of exploring the nature and landscape surrounding us. New perspectives on much-traveled roads and paths. Finding light and inspiration with kindred spirits.

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The current Midsummer jersey features a revised fit and colors inspired by the pastel tones of summertime. The design uses resilient fabrics throughout, rather than discrete elastic grippers. The microstructure of the main jersey fabric provides breathability and reduces clinging to your skin, effectively eliminating the need for a base layer.

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Constructed from premium compressive textiles with fully dyed fibers that are enhanced by subtle tone-in-tone finish. Four-layer chamois pad, with quick drying anti-microbial membranes ensures you stay fresh and

The brand honours the great traditions of cycling, but is above all committed to the patterns and colours that define state of the art fashion today. The uncompromising attention to detail and hand-made, sustainable quality is paired with an inspired take on today’s look and feel. Pas Normal Studios produces high-end clothing with textiles and methods at the same level as demanded by professional riders – but at the same time, all styles are created for long-term usage and durability.