Chain Wax Club

Join the Chain Wax Club to always have a freshly waxed chain waiting for you at the Studio.

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Adventure – Tahoma

Ride to the Crown Jewel of the Pacific Northwest: Tahoma. There’s nothing better than a mid-summer Mt. Rainier excursion. This route covers 57 miles total, with 4,100 feet of ascent in one steady ramp up to Sunset.

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Custom Bicycle Incentive

INCENTIVE We are going to get to the point here.  We feel strongly about our custom bicycle process and believe we absolutely add value from start to finish on the creation of a custom bicycle.   We also know people buy bikes elsewhere, and many times need tangible incentives to make decisions. Beginning October 10th through December [...]

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We Welcome Velocio Apparel

American Clothing Company Velocio For the last four years, we’ve had great success offering cycling apparel at CBS.  We’ve been incredibly discerning, and have sifted through many clothing lines, options, and materials to offer what we feel is the very best product you can buy. Recently, we’ve become introduced to the American clothing company Velocio. [...]

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Seven Cycles Talks About “The Specific Women”

Who is the specific woman? We see a lot of “women’s specific” bikes out in the world, but we have yet to meet any specific women. In all the fittings and all the designs we have done, what is resoundingly clear is that women’s bodies are pretty non-specific. In fact, women’s bodies vary more than [...]

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Festka In Motion Tour

The Festka In Motion Tour w/Cascade Bicycle Studio We are pleased to bring Festka to the US and make this brand as accessible as possible for a week in July. We will be hitting the road with Festka with stops in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco to bring you Festka presentations, group rides, test rides, [...]

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Chat with Zac Daab

Sit Down Interview We thought it would be a good idea to sit down with Cascade Bicycle Studio’s founder, Zac Daab, to ask him a few questions about his shop, the industry and what makes his shop different from the rest. Was Fremont the original neighborhood for Cascade Bicycle Studio? Yes, I was walking to [...]

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