Chain Wax Club

Join the Chain Wax Club to always have a freshly waxed chain waiting for you at the Studio.

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Adventure – Tahoma

Ride to the Crown Jewel of the Pacific Northwest: Tahoma. There’s nothing better than a mid-summer Mt. Rainier excursion. This route covers 57 miles total, with 4,100 feet of ascent in one steady ramp up to Sunset.

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CBS May 2023 Newsletter

We are thrilled to announce that as of February 2023, Cascade Bicycle Studio is under new ownership! We're excited to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to the business. We specialize in fitting, servicing, and custom bicycles.

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Hakkalugi Disc

Our goal was to build a solid performing disc bike for winter road riding while keeping options open to be cross-curious. This bike is a true all a-rounder with great handling for road and cyclocross riding.

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Terry’s Seven Mudhoney SL

This is my Seven Mudhoney SL. The word “my” is very important in describing this bike as it was built for me and every time I ride it this fact is clear. The fit, pedaling dynamics, silent ride and perfect handling push me to the conclusion, “this is the best bike I have ever owned”.

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Clubman Mini Cycling Tour – Lake Chelan

One of the great traditions of British cycling is club riding where small, local groups of cyclists organize into clubs for regular sporting or recreational rides. These could comprise long or short tours, day trips, time trials or road racing. 

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Cobbles Are Not Pavé

In a cross race you can see the course. You know what is coming, you are prepared. When you get to sector 27, the first sector of Pave in Paris Roubaix in Troisvilles you have 100km of road that has calibrated your legs to lull you into a familiar rhythm.

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Under The Tucson Sun

The experimentation in this trip was a mix of personal and physical challenges. I essentially moved away from home for five weeks, isolating myself from family and friends. Additionally, while I already work remotely for a company in San Francisco, I have never worked for this long away from home.

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The 24 Hour Race

What became impressive was how well a group of 13 and 14 year old boys laid out a plan to run the race and follow through with it. I helped them set a schedule and pace for each lap as they rotated through the laps one rider after another. They made it clear to each other what they needed on the course for equipment for emergency repairs.

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Mt Baker: Artist Point

Perched above the Mt. Baker Ski Area, Artist Point is normally cleared of snow around July 1st, allowing people in any vehicle type to reach the top. However, the best way to get up there is by bicycle. Ideally, a weekday would be the best time to go, but its not too bad on the weekends.

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