Windy Ridge

One of the first sites we came across was a long valley that was littered with broken trees from the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. They looked to be white, petrified and all pointing away from the volcano.  The next major scenic item we came across was Spirit Lake, which had logs piled up along the south shore, like an extension of the land; it was quite a sight to see.

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End of Summer Island Adventure

To finish out this incredible summer, we felt that we needed more than just one epic day on the bike, so last June, plans were set in motion for an inter-island adventure throughout the San Juan Islands. The planning started early in order to secure campsites, since it would be over the Labor Day weekend.

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All the way to Paris!

Last summer, I went to France for the iconic Paris-Brest-Paris bike ride. The ride is 1,230 km and participants have 90 hours to complete it. What a dream! I pedaled day and night alongside almost 6,000 cyclists of many nationalities. An entire country cheered us towards the beautiful city of Brest in proud Bretagne.

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North Cascades Highway

We knew there was no support, no food, little water and no phone coverage, so we stuffed our pockets, brought along extra water and filters (just in case) and encouraged extra safe riding due to the lack of instant 911 access. The first 10 miles was a nice warmup. We took it extra slow and really enjoyed the views.

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Lower West Fork – Teanaway

More often than not, we learn about rides that are “so epic” and “so amazing” that eventually we start to believe that every ride that gets documented, through photos or in writing, is really that way. Truth be told, not all begin with an espresso and a pastry and finish with a dreamy descent.

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Ephrata Gran Fondo

This edition of the Gran Fondo Ephrata had been a hard one. It rained, heavy at times, for a majority or the 80 mile ride—30 of which was gravel, though there was a section where, perhaps, “path” would be a better a better description.

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A Weekend in Lyle

Lyle, Washington is a tiny town on the Columbia River in southern WA State. It is certain that no one has ever asked what these two disparate entities have in common. Another certainty is the answer: They are agglutinative. This ridiculous word is pronounced ugh-lute-in-ative and it means having the power to unite. I became [...]

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West Seattle (Seattle, WA)

This route contains some common (but still great) areas but also includes some hidden gems. Follow the route closely or you just might miss one! View Route 17.9 Miles (Distance) 1,115 Ft. (Elevation Gain) Road (Road Type)

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Ephrata Gran Fondo Route (Ephrata, WA)

Excellent ride, perfect mileage, early in the year so it can be cold, but it was fun. 40 miles of gravel. Bring your cross bike with 28’s. View Route 80.1 Miles (Distance) 4,652 Ft. (Elevation Gain) CX (Road Type)

Ephrata Gran Fondo Route (Ephrata, WA)2023-06-12T20:07:54+00:00

CBS Saturday Group Ride – Alki Point

This is route one of two we alternate for our Saturday Group Ride. Come join us. View Route 36.3 Miles (Distance) 918 Ft. (Elevation Gain) Road (Road Type)

CBS Saturday Group Ride – Alki Point2023-06-12T20:57:07+00:00
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