We’re Cascade Bicycle Studio

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Cascade Bicycle Studio, established in 2006, has been dedicated to providing exceptional bicycle-related services to the Fremont neighborhood, the greater Seattle area, and the Pacific Northwest.

We are thrilled to announce that as of February 2023, Cascade Bicycle Studio is under new ownership! We’re excited to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to the business. We specialize in fitting, servicing, and custom bicycles.

Our commitment to passion, service, and culture keeps us all pedaling, and we’re excited to share that with you. We look forward to sharing many miles to come.


Meet The Team



Joseph McKean (He/Him)
Owner, General Manager, & dad of a 5-year-old future cycling pro

Over five years ago Joseph left Texas to be part of our Seattle cycling culture. With 14 years of industry experience, custom-building hundreds of bikes, and committing himself to creating the best client experience, owning CBS is now his dream come true.

Joseph’s goal is to make sure all who walk into CBS know they are part of our growing cycling community, whether a newbie or a 20-year racer, all are welcome in our studio.






Matthew Kelley (He/Him)
Lead Mechanic & Operations, & Man of Mystery
With 15 years of industry experience and a commitment to detail, Kelley is our overseer to ensure our work, and your bike, are always at their best.

Kelley’s goal is to be the person his cats think he is and make CBS the unequivocal service headquarters for the Northwest.







Riley Regalado (He/Him)
Mechanic, Fitter, & Mountain Bike Specialist

A native of Walla-Walla, Riley spends his free time riding up and down our mountains at top speed. He has five years of industry experience, and his passion is to see you cycle in comfort, and go as fast as you want, wherever your ride.

Riley’s goal is to do his best at making you and your bike one, and maybe someday owning the next generation of CBS.






Kempton Baker (He/Him)

Ride Leader, World Tour Guide, & Bay Leaf

Kempton is a Washington native, former rock star guitarist, and now leads international bike tours—in short, he is a cycling icon.  He has been racing bikes for over two decades on road, gravel, and mountain… His wife swears his cycling clothing closet is the largest in Seattle.

Kempton’s goal is to toe the line at nationals when he’s 80, provided the world hasn’t been destroyed by then, and show you there are amazing life-changing experiences you can have with your bike all over the world.