Join the Chain Wax Club to always have a freshly waxed chain waiting for you in the Studio.

Wax is a better chain lubricant than oil-based products in most cases.

  • You’ll ride faster because friction is lower.
  • Your drivetrain will last longer because wear is lower.
  • Best of all: it’s clean.

However, the most effective form of wax application, immersion waxing, is time-consuming and requires dedicated equipment. Join the club to get the benefits of our equipment and process.


Buy-In includes:

  • Thorough drivetrain cleaning, removing all oils.
  • Two waxed chains. One on your bike, one in the studio (freshly waxed, and tagged with your name).
  • Brass chain tag with your name punched into it.

Cost: $150 + cost of chains


Swap chains anytime:

  • Swing by the studio anytime and we’ll install your freshly waxed chain.
  • The other chain will be cleaned and wax reapplied.

Cost: $25


Click here to: Join the Club

Book a 1-hour service appointment per bike. Please add a note that the appointment is for Chain Wax Club.



Q: How often does the wax need to be refreshed?

A: After approximately 250-300 miles of riding. The chain will squeak softly to let you know it’s time for fresh wax.


Q: What’s the best strategy for a long event or multi-ride cycling trip?

A: Take both chains with you and swap in the field. We also carry drip-on wax products that are most effective when applied on top of an immersion wax coating. Drop by the studio and chat with us. We’d love to help make your trip a success.


Q: Mountain bikes too?

A: Yep! The whole CBS Concept Fleet runs waxed chains.


Q: How do the costs work for multiple bikes?

A: Costs are the same for each bike. Pick a unique name and we’ll punch that into tags to keep each chain paired with its bike.


Would it be fun to have an evening event to chat about chain wax? Let us know.