American Clothing Company Velocio

For the last four years, we’ve had great success offering cycling apparel at CBS.  We’ve been incredibly discerning, and have sifted through many clothing lines, options, and materials to offer what we feel is the very best product you can buy.

Recently, we’ve become introduced to the American clothing company Velocio.   Velocio’s headquarters are based in New Hampshire, and the majority of their line is built in Italy.   In other industries, and even in the bicycle industry, it can sometimes seem like hyperbole to equate Made in Italy to be the best.  Our experience has been that select Italian factories actually do make the very best cycling apparel and this can be seen in the durability of materials, quality of sewing, and choice of zippers, chamois, and grippers.

After doing some research on Velocio, talking to friends (JD, CM) and paying attention to the brand on social media, we became motivated to represent Velocio at CBS, and were equally honored that they wanted to work with us.

Perhaps what we like best about Velocio is how they start the conversation with you-the-end-user on their website:

“We aren’t a women’s brand. We’re a let’s-look-at-this-differently brand.  We ponder the expectations for color, trim, and fabrics, for the models in our marketing, for the final products we create.”

What’s more, the depth of Velocio’s line shows maturity, promise, and sets them apart from the burgeoning genre of new cycling apparel companies that are nothing more than a single jersey and sock offering.

If we had to pare it down to five reasons to try Velocio, they would include:

  1. The Velocio Signature Guarantee:   Try any piece of clothing from Velocio’s Signature line for up to 30 days.   Wear it, wash it, live in it for 30-days and if you’re not satisfied, you can return it.
  2. Fantastic Fit:  Clothing comes down to fit.   No one piece of clothing will fit everyone perfectly but the Velocio line seems to do what few other companies can do:  design clothing to fit women and men of varying shapes, sizes, and preferences.   Velocio is neither aero nor baggy in fitting.   The fit is flattering, inspiring, and provides confidence.
  3. Responsibility:   Velocio has purposefully taking the initiative to talk about how they value the source of their raw materials, the workplace quality of their manufacturing facility, and the balance of function and environmental impact when creating clothing.   Velocio works with a family-owned Italian manufacturer whose facility is [% link: name=”Blue Design” content=”Blue Design” %] certified, a system for sustainable textile production.
  4. Fair Play:   Upon reviewing Velocio’s site, it’s clear they value women and men equally and are committed to offering parity in garments, a refreshing and non-biased view of how men and women enjoy riding bicycles, and a broad color palette across both lines.
  5. Happiness:   Velocio is a brand that equates bicycle riding and happiness.  This is a subtle but important distinction.  Riding is not painful, it is not about suffering, and it’s not about grey skies in horrific conditions.   Certainly this happens, and these days can be the most meaningful on the bike, but the company is about joy, not pain.

We encourage you to come visit us and see the Velocio clothing line in person.   Use us as a resource to touch, feel, and see the apparel in person.